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You can trust Robert B Holzman Land Surveyor to deliver accurate and complete building permit surveys, every time you need them. Our valuable surveying services are offered to:

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Contact our hardworking staff in order to arrange a mortgage survey completed. It's important for you to investigate a property before you go through the expensive and time-consuming process of purchasing it. Most mortgage companies will require a mortgage survey to be completed if you require financing.


Call 631-281-0162 to speak to our friendly office personnel to have your questions answered about mortgage surveys.

Do you need to have a mortgage survey completed?

If a building permit is required, you'll also need to have a building permit survey completed. Let our experienced and reliable surveyors provide you with the information you need.

Get the answers you need about your property by having a building permit survey completed by our professionals.


  • Land developers

  • Real estate attorneys

  • Realtors

  • Civil engineers

  • Architects

  • Finance companies

  • Utility companies

  • Contractors

  • Municipalities

  • Governmental agencies

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