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If you're purchasing a property and you need financing, your lender will want to know exactly what you're buying. A survey is required by most mortgage lenders.


A mortgage survey will ensure that there are not any structures encroaching on the property you want to purchase and that any structures currently on the property meet zoning and building codes.

Find out why you need a mortgage survey

If you need to get a building permit in order to complete an improvement to your property, you'll also need to have a building permit survey completed. Make arrangements to have our experienced and reliable surveyors provide you with the information you need. Did you know we're licensed by the state of New York? Contact our office to have your questions answered about our services.

We also provide building permit surveys

Let us help you with all of your land survey needs. Get assistance with disputes over land, lot improvement issues, mortgage survey, and more.

Don't procrastinate about scheduling a mortgage survey. Contact our personable staff members for assistance.


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